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Client Testimonials

Dick (ondernemer)  – “Eindelijk weet ik wat mij echt motiveert en heb ik terug energie” 

Andres (Director Marketing&Press) TIGO Telecom – “the process has been transformational” 

Christophe (Head of CX Kindred group) –  “You achieved more with me in two hours then (other) coach achieved in 10 months”

Alex (Olympian) –  “Our discussion has energized me the whole week,  It feels like the picture of what we talked about  is really  intertwined”

Alex – “very cleverly, beautifully confirmed what is meaningful to me”  

Quinten (Author, Investor, Goverment Advisor Crypto) – “Thnx for everything!” 

“Thnx for finding things in the deepest corners of my brain, highly appreciate it”


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– Ivan Faes

#Jedi Master

#1 International Best Selling Author 

#Entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, Coach

Client Testimonials

30 min speed coaching – Los Angeles

Keynote – “How brain is stopping your goals”

Marleen –   “Best thing ever happend to me”

Ken – “goals already smashed”

Alex  – “A lot of insights, I feel super clear”

Andres – “Amazing, Love the solutions you provide”

Errol – “All sessions have been unique but this one has been the most eye opening”  – “Tony Robbins got s*** on you”  

Errol – “The perceptions I had,  has changed and you have been instrumental”  –  “grateful to be working with you”

Mary –  “we got it done”

Sven – “Can’t thank you enough”

Alex –  “You sir are a master”

Bob –   “workshop  attendee”

Jit –  “has absolutely changed my focus and drive”

Rico –  “able to get even the biggest clients to buy”

Chris – “I have more clarity, direction & purpose”

Anne – “All tools are actually helpfull!, loved the session”

Ken – Mister Gent –  Finalist Top Model Europe


Frank – “The session really, really helped me”

Luc – “Thank you for the interesting workshop”

Clay –  “special, as always”


Quinten – “Very valuable, helping me to make decisions and clarity” 

Called the biggest bitcoin-influencer of Europe

Justin – “From feeling stressed and stuck to a first sale and motivated”

Justin - Feedback

Koen (Meubelen heylen) – “You feel – Ivan really cares & wants to help” 

Jo – “It was very enlightening, thank you! – My focus good” 

Justin –  “succesful sale after implementing new strategy”

Ken  – “Impact indescribable”

Ken –  “Fysical & Mental progress “

Ken  – “hard vooruit, mentaal vlak “

Quinten (Author, You Tuber & Crypto investor)  –  “After the session  it got even more  clarity” 

Quinten - Feedback

Celia –  “Started to feel the warm love inside”

Ken  – “Impact indescribable”

James – “Masterfull, humility, obvious talent serves at the highest level”

Jo – “I don’t know how you did it but it’s super valuable”

Chris –  “more clarity, direction and purpose!”

C  – “it HELPED!!!”

Alex – “The insights of the workings of my brain will help me every day” – totally recommended

Roi – “Respectfull, non-judgemental, sharp, professional & wise”

Roi Testimonial