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One-Day Workshop | 25 November 2017

Ivan Faes (BE) present “How the brain is stopping you from reaching your goals”

Practical workshop that will teach you tips,tricks and tools to hit those goals.
Not only will you learn important insights in neuroscience, you’ll have a view on where you at and how to get where you wanna be.

Come to the “How the brain is stopping you from reaching your goals” reserve today. (Spaces are limited)

Location: (Hypnosecentrum) – Niewlandlaan 150 – Aarschot (Belgium)

Time: 25 November 2017 – 10 AM till 5 PM (lunch  – sandwiches included)

Spoken language on workshop  is  English

Your investment in yourself for this transformation workshop is 297 euro.

This event is an active workshop  where we’ll cover  …

– We’re you in life? 
– What are your goals?
– Why you want what you want? 
– How the brain stops you
– On habit building
– The way to success

We’ll  teach you how to use your mind, and get that life you want.

The benefits

Tools to transform stress

Transform Stress into Passion by shifting from blockages into the energy of the body, emotions and presence.

Step out of the emotional drama

A Way to step out of the emotional drama, pain and suffering to feel the flow of life again by understanding the difference between emotions and feelings.

See the bigger picture

Stepping out of the Judging Mind (Little Mind) and centering in the Compassionate Mind (Big Mind).

There’s more in life

You will discover “a map” of being in contact with yourself and your life in 7 steps.

The art of mindfulness

You will have an „impulse” to practice more meditation in your life and feel life more.


The seven steps

Our True Nature

You will become familiar with the concept of the mind-body relationship and their balance.

Be more Present in mind-body

You will learn how to break the identification with the mind and how to balance this with being present in the body.

Emotional Connectedness

Here you will learn the difference between emotions and feelings. How to step-out of the negative emotions.

Self-love: the Biggest Step in Personal Growth

Here is the real threshold for your own growth. You will see very clear the necessity to love and accept yourself.

The Jump into Presence and Mindfulness

When you are  connected to your emotions and take those steps to love yourself, your jumping into Presence. You will receive techniques to find your Observer, your Witness.

The essential of living with Purpose

When you will connect more to your presence and feeling of self-worth, you will make another jump-into recognizing your Purpose or Meaning in Life.

Time for zen and play

Some of us tend to become too serious, so lets bring the joy.

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